Transport & Infrastructure

Transport & Infrastructure Group are led by Chris Heath.  They are responsible for understanding our issues with roads, pavements, traffic management, speeding and HGV routing, signage, public transport, infrastructure, services and utilities (including Broadband). Village school. Provision of nearby services, other local roads and facilities (eg doctors surgeries, hospitals cinema, railway stations).

Their starting point is to undertake traffic surveys (including speed) on each of the key routeways crossing Iden Green, Benenden and East End.

They are building on the information in the 2015 Parish Plan, and the feedback from the initial Transport & Infrastructure / Business workshop on 9th Dec in the Village Hall.

Working Group Members are:
Chris Heath
Peter Traill
Lindsay Traill
Russell Cruse

Business & Local Economy, Transport & Infrastructure Workshop Outputs


  Biggest Opportunity Biggest Threat
Community Infrastructure •   Enhance existing facilities or increase use of existing eg Tennis / Golf clubs. •   More houses will require expansion of local infrastructure eg Café / Shop at capacity.  Make sure we get infrastructure to accommodate any growth.
Physical Infrastructure •   Investing money in building houses requires more money for improvement eg road, signs & control of speed. •   Impact of more houses, cars, road-safety, & demand for services – expansion in demand.
Transport •   Focus development near key employment centres. •   200 houses = 400 cars.
•   Starting a Hopper-bus to go round the settlements to reduce car journeys. •   Increase in school size & position in village
Business & Local Economy •   Offer a special Rate for new business start-ups, convert agricultural buildings. •   Traffic from larger businesses on small roads.
•   Affordable accommodation for local employees. •   Sustainability of some existing local small businesses.

An update on thinking so far will be provided in September 2018 at the Village Exhibition in Iden Green.  There is more information in our latest Parish Magazine article here.