Here’s our latest Draft Plan

Latest Draft Plan, and our progress through TWBC

Following extensive consultation over and above that required, the BNDP went to Independent Examination. After a thorough examination including an all day public hearing specifically to give people the opportunity to set out any concerns, the Independent Examiner approved the BNDP.

Decorative - the village fete

The plan has been amended in line with recommendations set out by the Independent Examiner and was put forward to the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council Planning and Transportation Cabinet Advisory Board. They voted to approve the plan on Monday 15 November 2021. The plan will now be presented to a full TWBC Cabinet Meeting on 2 December 2021. If approved by Cabinet, a referendum will be held on Thursday 3 February 2022, so the people of Benenden can make the final decision on whether they approve of the NDP.

A copy of the final version, as amended by the Independent Examiner can be found by clicking HERE.