Neighbourhood Development Plan moves to the next stage

Benenden’s Neighbourhood Development Plan is finally moving to the next stage.  Following village workshops and working group sessions a Rough Draft was produced.  Consultation with the village and other stakeholders ran from 23rd February – 6th April 2019 and we used the feedback to shape our first formal draft.  This draft was launched to the village on 25th August, with consultation (known as Regulation 14 consultation) running until 31st October 2019.

The Regulation 14 consultation resulted in further changes to the draft Benenden Neighbourhood Plan.  Input from residents, local businesses and a team of independant consultants resulted in yet more work to better craft our policies and projects.  This work has finally been completed and the Parish Council have submitted our draft to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.  They currently plan to undertake a further public consultation (known as Regulation 16 consultation) on it from 30th October to 11 December 2020.  More information on the consultation, and how to get involved will be available on the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council website from around 30th October.

Paul Tolhurst

Chair Benenden Neighbourhood Development Plan