Regulation 14 Consultation completed

After a series of meetings, much discussion and study of national and borough planning policy, the Regulation 14 Review team have completed their work.  As I have described in the pages of this magazine over the past few months, we recieved a great deal of comments and suggestions, plus of course a petition from over 160 people.  All inputs recieved during the consultation period have been published on the NDP website by April here.

The NDP team are now busy amending the Regulation 14 Draft Plan.  This includes assessing some new sites that have come forward over the past few months.  Once all the changes have been made the ‘Regulation 15 Draft Plan’ will be sent for a ‘health check’ to expert consultants, then the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, who will check it complies with planning regulations.

After any further changes are made the Regulation 15 Draft Plan will then be formally submitted to TWBC and from there on they take responsibility for taking the process forward.  The local authority will publicise the plan (known as Regulation 16) for a further 6 week consultation period, giving all stakeholders a chance to study the revised plan, and to make representations if they wish to do so.

Once these representations have been given further consideration, then TWBC will arrange for an independant examination to take place.  This will consider whether the neighbourhood plan meets the basic conditions and other legal requirements.  If successful at the examination stage, with modifications if necessary, then TWBC will arrange for the NDP referendum to take place.

But, for now, another major piece of work has been completed and I would like to thank the team for their efforts.

Paul Tolhurst

Chair Benenden NDP Steering Group