Regulation 14 Consultation – giving you more time to feedback

Researching and writing the neighbourhood plan has proved to be a titanic task.  The plan is nearly 90 pages long and supporting documents consist of over 300 pages.  All documents were published via our website here on 25th August 2019.

In this age of internet online publication is sufficient for formal consultation, and printing the full plan is very expensive.  So we planned to provide a limited number of hard copies for those without internet access.  Unfortunately our printer had technical problems and physical production was delayed.  Printed copies of the plan itself are now, finally, available via the parish office or community shop.  We have also extended the deadline for feedback until 31stOctober 2019.  We have a few sets of the supporting documents (nearly 400 pages), available on loan on a first-come, first-served basis from the Parish Office, and there is a single set in the Shop that you can browse through while in the Shop.  Please make use of the documents online if at all possible to minimise the use of paper and ink!

Once the consultation has closed on 31st October a sub committee comprising some Parish Councillors and some NDP Steering Group members will review your feedback.  As ever they must work within National and local planning policies and guidelines.  They will make recommendations to the full Parish Council on changes required to the plan before it is submitted to independent examination later this year.

Expect to hear more from us in December and January.

Paul Tolhurst